Thursday, June 13, 2013


Bo the dog just knocked Timmy/Tammy the parakeet's cage to the ground. Liam raced to the rescue and found the roof off and Timmy/Tammy huddled on his/her perch in terror. Bo sat next to the mess with wagging tail and lolling tongue, but made no attempt to eat Timmy/Tammy the parakeet. Bo realized that he'd done a baaad thing and he didn't argue about being put outside (for once). Liam is now angry with Bo.

Why does the parakeet have a his/her slash thing going on? Because we aren't sure what we've got yet. The kids named the bird Timmy after Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents. It would seem an odd name for a girl bird, but I'm reminded of that episode of Doctor Who in which the man introduces his horse by a really butch name and the Doctor says "No it isn't. His name is Susan...and he wants you to respect his life choices. Come along, Susan!" Maybe we should just call the bird Susan.

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