Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'll Bet You Never Tried THIS To Unclog a Drain

In an old house, sometimes you have everyone and his brother two or more people using the same bathroom. Well we're in that position right now. And when you have poo-flinging apes children sharing a tiny cramped miniscule closet with plumbing  compact bathing space, you end up with you shoved what down the sink? unexplained clogs in the drain.

Most toilet clogs are easily cleared with a bucket or two of hot water, provided junior didn't try sending his pillow to the monster he's sure lives in the septic tank.

Bathtub clogs often have to be snaked. Good luck with that.

But sink clogs are anybody's guess.

That's what I was dealing with. Now I ran down my mental list of possible suspects for unclogging the drain. Baking soda, and vinegar, hot water, vigorous plunging but don't tell anyone you used the toilet plunger in the sink because that's gross, I don't care how many times you bleached it.

That's when I remembered something obscure I read on the internet. Hey, if it's on the internet, it must be true, right? I vaguely recalled something about using denture cleaning tablets to clean toilets, unclog drains...and other stuff. Don't ask me what other stuff. Use Google like the rest of us. So, I reached up and pulled down the box of Polident tablets that my husband had brought home from some silly gift exchange at work. He had the crazy idea of giving them to my dad, but he uses something else.

"Well, here goes nothing."

I filled the sink with hot water, praying I hadn't made a mistake because I didn't want to be brushing my teeth in the garden hose. Once it was past the point of no return with no sign of draining, I broke up a couple of Polident tablets and tossed them down the drain.

There was quite a show of fizzing, and the pleasant smell of mint filled the air. I snatched up the plunger, it was clean, I swear, and vigorously attacked the sink again. Green, fizzy water splashed all over the place as I screamed die-- die you monster!.

The plunger made satisfying 'shplorking' noises.

Gross as all get-out Odd-looking debris churned around in the water, and then, as the fizz faded away and the water turned clear, the delightful slurping noise echoed through the overflow drain. Tossing the spent plunger into the tub, I watched the water drain at long last from my bathroom sink.

Feeling quite proud of myself, I raced to the computer to tell you all about it! Leaving the plunger in the bathtub and putting off bleaching the heck out of the sink.

So the next time your husband brings home some completely useless Polident tablets from a lame gift exchange, and your bathroom sink decides to stop draining, and you've got nothing better to do with your time, try tossing some denture cleaner down your drain and plunge like the wind!! Who knows? It might even work!