Thursday, June 13, 2013


Bo the dog just knocked Timmy/Tammy the parakeet's cage to the ground. Liam raced to the rescue and found the roof off and Timmy/Tammy huddled on his/her perch in terror. Bo sat next to the mess with wagging tail and lolling tongue, but made no attempt to eat Timmy/Tammy the parakeet. Bo realized that he'd done a baaad thing and he didn't argue about being put outside (for once). Liam is now angry with Bo.

Why does the parakeet have a his/her slash thing going on? Because we aren't sure what we've got yet. The kids named the bird Timmy after Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents. It would seem an odd name for a girl bird, but I'm reminded of that episode of Doctor Who in which the man introduces his horse by a really butch name and the Doctor says "No it isn't. His name is Susan...and he wants you to respect his life choices. Come along, Susan!" Maybe we should just call the bird Susan.

Foiling The Leaping Hound

While the kids and I were at the pool, Dale addressed Bo the Dog's gazelle-like leaps-to-freedom by adding a two-foot extension to the top of the gate. We have agreed that if he clears this, we're going to dress a monkey in jockey silks, teach it to ride the dog and enter them in the Olympic equestrian events. Anyone know where I can find a monkey?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bo The Dog

Bo, the dog we recently adopted has settled into the pack very well. He is ridiculously smart, loving, and mischievous. I can understand why this behemoth was turned into a shelter.

Like many young dogs his age, he's mouthy. It can be disconcerting to someone inexperienced with dogs to find your dog's mouth around your arm or hand with all these sharp teeth grazing your skin. He doesn't bite, but we are trying to correct him from this behavior. I'm certain he'll grow out of it.

He also takes fences like a gazelle. We have gates and barriers up to keep the dogs in the back yard. If Dale can step over them, Bo can jump them. His new trick is jumping the gate onto the front porch and roaming the acreage until someone lets him in.

He's afraid of storms and he's a velcro dog. Not a good combination. When storms roll in, Bo becomes a big baby and wants IN YOUR LAP during bad weather.

So did we make a mistake? Do we regret rescuing him?

NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! He's a great companion with a sense of humor and a sunny disposition. He is very gentle with the kids and loves following them around and playing with them. Right now, he's curled up at my feet, not bothering anyone, completely content to be close to me.