Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prolific Gardens Make Good Neighbors

Reverend Baker can always be counted on to bring the best goodies to my children. The sweet elderly couple across the street has taken a shine to my three younguns. Reverend Baker and his wife, Betty seem to look for excuses to stop by and visit. Mrs. Betty has trouble getting around, so we don’t see her as frequently as her outgoing hubby. My husband frequently stops by with at least one of the children so the Bakers can fuss over them a bit. Lately, Reverend Baker has come bearing the overspill of his son’s garden.

I don’t see how anyone could go hungry in the country in the South. Friends and neighbors are always quick to share their extras. It’s not uncommon to come home and find that one friendly neighbor has stopped by with a bundle of greens, or a box of beans fresh from the garden. With our own prolific squash plants, and extras from my sister’s garden, I’m kept busy putting up veggies. Soon the pears, figs and jelly palm fruit will be ripe and I’ll be very busy putting up jams and jellies.

But today, I have to figure out what to do with a grocery bag full of the tastiest, reddest, sweetest tomatoes you’ve ever seen!

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