Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Well, Christmas is in full swing in the Hicks household. We have our tree up and almost decorated. Dale made it very clear that this was HIS domain, so I let him have it. Unfortunately, he neglected to tell me that he takes the entire month of December to complete it. The Christmas Village, however is complete and fully operational. (Thank you AGAIN, Joe Geier.) Beth's eyes lit up like a... well, like a Christmas Tree when she first saw the train and village all put together.

Our actual tree, however, leaves much to be desired. Dale said he figured he'd do lights like he puts teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, add as many as he thought I needed, then add one more. I took one look at the tree and said, "No, honey. It's more like me adding cups of sugar to my sweet potato souffle - start with ten, then add more as needed. How many strings are on the tree?"


"Needs at least four more. I normally put anywhere from 13 to 17 strings to get the desired effect." I patted his shoulder. "Next year, I'll plan on doing the tree. You can rearrange the ornaments to suit you."

And that's usually what he does. I'll decorate the tree and he'll rearrange most of the ornaments into a manner he deems more aesthetically pleasing. It's a good thing we're perfect for each other. That would really annoy most other women.

But the tree is up, the village is aglow, the train chugs merrily around in its circle, and the children are happy. I've been trying to bake for two weeks, now. I manage to get the dough mixed and refrigerated, but for some reason, I can't seem to get it onto the cookie sheet and into the oven. I think it has something to do with Heckel and Jeckel who constantly flutter around me sqwawking about every - little - thing. But the items I have managed to make at 10pm are quickly devoured by Dale who conveniently ignores his diabetes at this time of year.

Tonight is the Annual Victorian Christmas Stroll in Downtown Thomasville. We have attended every year. The city closes off downtown's main street (Broad Street) and vendors set up with displays of Victoriana and local cuisines. Carolers and townsfolk don Victorian costume, and there is even a Father Christmas.

Local businesses host frolics like a real snow field for snowball fights, and carriage rides, a hay ride, live nativity... But the real draw is the FOOD!!! This is the second biggest event on the Thomasville calendar. The boys are too excited about the trip tonight to settle down for their naps.

As for me, my treats continue tomorrow night with a trip to see the Nutcracker at the Municipal Auditorium in Thomasville. Dale is taking on a real date to see a ballet. This is also another tradition. We have mostly watched it on television in recent years, but our first Christmas together, I treated him to Nutcracker in Straub Park in St. Petersburg. But this will be more enjoyable for me because it involves putting on high heels and makeup and not using simple words to communicate complex concepts. Nutcracker in the park would have meant dragging the children along. While I do adore them, and they will go see the Nutcracker with us at some point, going out like a real grownup makes me feel giddy with anticipation!!!

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